Why do I need Critical Illness Protection?

Life is unpredictable. No matter what age you are, or whether you are in good health or not, tragedy can strike when least expected. Rates of critical illnesses such as Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke are on the rise, particularly among younger people. With this in mind, Better Health strive to work with our partners to offer you unlimited protection to provide financial security in the unfortunate event of a personal illness, helping to provide financial stability when you need it most.

Key Benefits

Unlimited Coverage

You are covered and able to claim for each of the critical illness, not just
one of them

Multiple Claims

You can claim for the same illness, multiple times

Premium Waiver

If you claim on the policy, you no longer need to pay the premium, but
your cover will remain in place

Defined Pricing

The price is set at the start, it does not increase as you get older.

Who Can Get Critical Illness Coverage?It's for all type of people

Single Adult




Simple Claim Process

Fill in Claim Form

Submit claim form and all supporting documents

Claims assesed 5 working days from receipt of all documents

Settlement cheques issued 4 working days from approval of claims

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